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LED lighting exports during the first half of the increase of price falls since 5 years lighting exports negative growth for the first time
Publisher:waimao Published:2016/9/3 10:03:10 Read:5723 【Font:L M S

In the year to June 2016, lighting industry exports of $17.65 billion, in line with the same period in 2014, compared to the same period last year dropped 14.1%, this is the last five years, industry negative growth for the first time.


In all export products, the traditional electric light source products exports continued to slide, the compact fluorescent lamps exports fell 20% compared with the same period last year, exports fell by 28%, other types of the fluorescent lamp exports decline less than 7%.General lighting incandescent lamp products exports almost flat with the same period of last year, there was no significant decline.Although halogen tungsten lamp products exports 13.6% growth, but the export amount has decreased by 5%, the product profit fell significantly.


Lamps and lanterns product export also appear obvious decline, including portable lamps and lanterns is more than 40% decline in exports, fixed export amount of lamps and lanterns fell more than 15%.


Look from the export quantity 94054090 id number, to the export of all kinds of LED lighting products have 10% growth, but export amount rise but not fall, it also embodies the LED lighting products were further squeeze profit margins.


Released on August 10th UPS "white paper" made in China "enterprise 2016" research report to remind.


White paper, according to China's export manufacturing enterprise overall economic evaluation are less optimistic than the previous year.China's export manufacturing enterprises are facing the challenge, on both sides of supply and demand is one of the most commonly cited two challenges: the white-hot competition between domestic enterprises and domestic customer demand declining.


TheLED lighting industry, in contrast, is facing a different situation.On the one hand, the overseas market demand is still in the growth cycle, especially in North America, southeast Asia and Europe, on the other hand, price wars have spread from domestic to overseas.


But still in overseas markets for China's LED enterprises large market space.


There is little doubt that the market is the world's largest lighting market, for many LED enterprises, is full of temptation.But, want to enter the American market, access system is very strict.


Excitation test to detect the chairman NiePengXiang is put forward, with the development of market gradually mature, the wholeLED industry also gradually settling down.And the lighting market penetration rate is very low, however, now is also gradually improve.


In fact, nearly two years in the us market demand for LED lighting product shows continuous high growth momentum.On the one hand, because the market consumption level is high, the low price sensitivity of LED lighting products.In recent years, on the other hand, theLED lighting products continues to increase, the ratio of the energy conservation and economic benefit of the more obvious, rapid increase market acceptance.


The market space is large, but want to get a piece or the need to focus on the quality of the products of "kung fu".


Although the European market is more about CE certification, but for many manufacturers, there is no threshold.But to enter the United States market seems to be, it is not so easy, because of the strict market access and check the system, make a lot of people still standing outside the door of the market.


Have asked will constantly meet the requirements, test excitation test according to the requirements of the United States market access and sampling system has been continuously introduce new test standard.


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