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He was one of the three giants of the traditional lighting Yesterday announced stop business development in emerging Asia and Latin America
Publisher:waimao Published:2016/9/2 19:52:09 Read:1450 【Font:L M S

China LED lighting industry chain enterprises to rise rapidly, exit or compression and some international companies to some extent can also surviving Chinese LED lighting companies provide better competitive environment.


The stop outside South Korea's samsung electronics announced in 2014 that LED lighting business, is a multinational company announced stop parts of business development.This time the turn is the traditional GE lighting lighting one of the big three.



GE lighting CEO Bill Lacey yesterday in the mail for company staff said that since November 30, GE lighting will be terminated in Asia and Latin America all direct business activities, so that the GE lighting to achieve highly focused, to win and consolidate its in North America, Europe and the Middle East market position, and continue to expand and enhance profitability.Bill Lacey earlier this year was named GE lighting a new President and chief executive.Bill, according to GE lighting not only satisfied with the service market, must also lead the market, which means that we must focus on innovation, and innovation.For this reason, the company made several important strategic decisions, these decisions will strengthen GE lighting in LED and the related technology in the field of business, to lay the foundation for the future.


In order to make full use of the chance of the current industry shift, Bill announced the second statement in order to establish a new hatch laboratory, accelerate the LED innovation, and create type LED product line.Said in a statement, the laboratory will focus on the development and testing family interconnect technology, including the creation of GE lighting intelligent node function, the program will begin in the second half of this year related pilot projects.The laboratory will also and new ecosystem partners to jointly develop creativity and flexibility of intelligent lighting solution.The laboratory will get resources from around the world support, including GE lighting technical team in China.


LED to replace the tide comes in, the traditional lighting giants have to actively seeks the road of the variable transformation, strip lighting business, traditional power LED niche, LED to the value chain.Recently, GE lighting announced that it will be closed in August 2017 the United States has two traditional lighting manufacturers in Lexington, Kentucky.In February, GE lighting decided in the next 1 year, sales in the United States to phase out CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulb, the LED light bulbs instead.A spokesman for the company said in a statement: "the future, GE lighting will be fully focused on innovation and LED technology, by 2020, LED lights will account for half of the American market and 80% of the global lighting income will come from the LED.


Visible from the above statement, like with the international giant philips lighting, GE lighting in the ascent LED under the premise of market penetration, pay more attention to the development of intelligent interconnection technology, in the process of business transformation to gather more resources - intelligent lighting in the industrial chain of high-end part.As one of the important driving force of intelligent lighting, GE lighting lighting solutions to explore the wise never stop.Lighting, intelligent buildings and intelligent LED street light network, GE lighting in recent years, has never been broken.Such as intelligent system integrated into the products, through the wireless gateway to realize the remote control of lamps and lanterns, with the help of GE industrial Internet platform, Predix, through the sensor, controller, wireless transmitter, and the micro processor components such as data collection and analysis.


In recent years, China's rapid rise, LED lighting industry chain enterprises exit or compression and some international companies to some extent can also surviving China LED lighting enterprise provide better competitive environment.


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