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Look from the Rio Olympics China lighting enterprise market opportunities and challenges in South America
Publisher:waimao Published:2016/9/2 10:41:53 Read:1228 【Font:L M S

The Rio Olympics will be China's lighting brand into the international arena, many Chinese lighting companies to participate in the construction of Olympic venues or local tourist attractions, made in China broke the OEM OEM impression, make foreign users to meet again.UL companies in the United States as a third party authority certification body, has won the bid for Rio Olympics China lighting enterprise safety certification testing services, to help these enterprises to export destination entry requirements.For South American market opportunities and challenges for China lighting enterprise, reporters UL global vice President and President of greater China Feng Hao conduct the interview.



There are four advantages of Chinese suppliers


Reporter: the Rio Olympics, Chinese companies won the bid for many lighting projects.Compared with foreign manufacturers, China lighting equipment suppliers to get the project in the Olympic competitive advantage is what?


Feng Hao: China lighting equipment suppliers can win on "Olympic mall", has the following several factors.First, attaches great importance to the core technology research and development input and the protection of intellectual property rights is the root cause;Second, the layout of the whole industry chain is also a big advantage, China lighting enterprises from production to sales to independent control, attach importance to the safety of products, long-term sex and reliability;Third, China lighting product of the enterprise meets the requirements of local differentiation in Brazil, such as to meet the public areas, indoor and outdoor lighting, and special sports lighting needs;Fourth, compared with European and us companies, made in China is still a certain labor cost advantage.

Reporter: what are the special requirements of Rio's Olympic stadium lighting project?

Feng Hao: the Olympic stadium in the lighting will have more strict functional requirements, this mainly involves the engineering design.Like swimming venue site dazzle light control, for the diving project, the platform and springboard need to set some lamps and lanterns to eliminate the shadow, diving the warm-up pool have the accent lighting, etc.So that Chinese enterprises can get the Olympic project, is not only the organizers of the recognition of the enterprise product quality, but also recognition of engineering design ability.The independent brand construction has a long way

Reporter: China lighting enterprise market share in Brazil?What changes have taken place in the Brazilian market over the years?The future potential?

Feng Hao: can lighting association published data from Brazil to see significant changes, Brazil in 2014 LED lighting products sales for 200000, compared with 2011 increased by 6 times.If we can keep the present growth rate, 3 years LED lighting products in sales is expected to account for half of all Brazil lighting industry sales, that is to say, LED products will be in a short period of time instead of the traditional lighting products.Sao Paulo, there is a street lamp replacement program, for example, only this one state will need to purchase the LED street lamp 580000 new, so the market potential is very great.

For a long time, Chinese enterprises with technology, products, and response speed quickly occupied the market in South America.At present China has become Brazil's largest LED importer, accounted for more than 60% of the total imports, Brazil is gradually increasing dependence on China's imports of lighting lighting products.However, from the Brazilian market or to be fair, mainly European and American brands and Brazilian popular brand, such as Chinese manufacturers mainly doing OEM OEM, independent brand construction is a long way to go.

Reporter: Brazil for the safety of lighting products, improve technical standard?What effect for Chinese enterprises to enter the Brazilian market?

Feng Hao: South American market potential is tremendous, attracted a lot of China lighting companies, their primary challenge is market access issues.According to Brazilian legislation, LED lighting products must have Inmetro certification, require a license issuing agency must be a local agency for approval.

In LED lighting, Brazil in 2015 introduced a LED bulb light and LED bulb mandatory certification requirements of two kinds of lighting products, while for the LED lamps and the LED driver is not rules, but from the point of development trend, also may appear some new regulations in the future.Brazil LED bulb light and tube standard is, in fact, the international electrotechnical commission (IEC) and the United States energy star standard of assembling, i.e. safety requirements to qualify for the target, want to accord with the target of energy efficiency requirements.

Brazil Inmetro in every year to improve the safety and lighting products performance specifications.Before June 13, 2016, regulation is mainly in the manufacturers, by the middle of 2018 is expected from manufacturing to retail link to implement comprehensive regulation.The improvement of standard for lighting enterprise is both challenge and opportunity, grasp opportunities of companies will pay close attention to the changes in laws and regulations and technical updates.

UL, also has been encouraging enterprises in product development front into security thinking, grasp the main points of the standard, to ensure timely access to market access qualifications.UL has very high recognition in South America, has built laboratory in Brazil, and in other South American countries have fixed cooperation laboratory and license issuing agency.UL Brazil is one of the first government approved by the license issuing agency, also can satisfy the requirement of Inmetro product category of the most widely certification bodies, our global collaboration system is also helping Chinese enterprises to enter the South America has played a very good role.UL, for example, in guangzhou, suzhou can related test lab, can realize China certification testing, Brazil, avoid the transoceanic transport of the sample and coordination, greatly save the time and cost.


Chinese companies aimed at emerging markets


Reporter: from a technical standard certification, China lighting equipment is the trend in the sea?Aimed at the what markets respectively?


Feng Hao: first of all, from the Angle of exports and product composition, according to Chinese customs export data, to LED lighting products export growth over the years, the traditional light source products exports have been falling, suggesting that as the different market of urban planning and layout, many have the need to build and upgrade the hardware, the increasing demand for LED products.

Secondly, from the point of export destinations, the export of Chinese lamps and lanterns still is given priority to with developed countries, exports account for market, respectively, of the top is the United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia, in the past few years, these countries on imported lamps and lanterns, especially the import barriers are higher in LED lamps and lanterns, continuously improve technical requirements.

Made in China in safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, performance, service life, countries differentiation ways to meet different market access standards, or export will be blocked.

All the way in the "area" initiative, driven by a growing number of Chinese LED lighting enterprise is not only aimed at the traditional Europe and the United States, but more geared to the needs of emerging markets, such as South America, the gulf region, India, etc.China's exports is about $10.8 billion a year, LED lighting products including export market account for only 1/10 of Brazil and South America.


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